Free treats we are missing out on!

via Daily Prompt: Treat

Good Morning everyone!

We don’t need to indulge in specific tasks for us to enjoy our treats. We are in default seekers of instant gratification and that’s what we are getting from our daily tasks. But ironically, we ourselves are not IN PRESENT while performing those tasks that we miss out on the rewards we got. This is same as you are being awarded the best Student of the year and you were not present in the function. Will you be able to enjoy that moment?

We get fair share  of treats throughout the day. All that is required is to realise them. Starting with getting up early morning, listening to some slow song is a treat to my ears, making my own beat coffee is a treat to my internal organs and taste buds, taking few deep breaths is a treat to my entire body. This body system of ours is so complex that every simple thing that makes up this body has its own treats.

More important than the treats your body gets as time passes by is the realisation that you just had a treat for yourself.

Here are few early morning treats I have:

  1. Washing your face as soon as you get up with cold water.
  2. Gazing out through the window to the New York Skyline and the Hudson in search for silence. (I am an introvert and get re energised in silence :))
  3. Making my own beat coffee.
  4. Gym in the freakishly cold weather.
  5. Listening to some soothing slow song while writing this blog.

Just early morning can have these many treats and every one might even be having them but it’s just that I started to realise them now.

So what is stopping people from realising the treats they are getting from their daily activities?

Let me explain with an example.

When we go for movies, we give undivided attention to the screen and hence grasp everything and end up reading between the lines too. Same goes with watching Netflix shows.

But these menial and mundane everyday tasks which we think is useless and want to utilise that time to think and plan our day or future or even ponder over the mistakes done in the past. So basically, since we think of these tasks as worthless, we tend to utilise the time we are doing these tasks to NOT BE IN THE PRESENT. We are everywhere but in present. How can you possibly consider a task as a treat if you yourself are not present while doing the task?

I have one task for you all. Try doing this. For once, instead of dumping your kitchen ware into dishwasher, try washing it on your own. This particular task forces you to be in present and won’t even let your mind deviate. The experience is surreal. And this is the feeling you get when you are living in present and this is what we call MINDFULNESS.

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.” – Buddha

This simple quote explains a simple reason to be in present always.

It is this absence of mindfulness that’s leading to you all missing out on all your treats and letting them go unnoticed. Isn’t this the worst? You are performing a task and are also getting rewarded instantly, but that reward goes unnoticed as you are not present there. IRONIC.