Reservation – a cemented thought

via Daily Prompt: Reservation

Hi All!! Good Morning!

I interpret Reservation both positively and negatively. It all depends on the context to which we are using this word.

Positively, We see this as reserving something for the future. Basically eliminate the uncertainties.

From reserving a table for tomorrow’s lunch to reserving a wedding location for a wedding which is one year later, all we are doing is fixing the price and effort today for an event thats going to happen in the future. Hence removing the uncertainty and helping you to focus on other things. So Reservation is a good thing then as you get to secure yourself for a future event.

But lets try to think of reservation from our thoughts’ perspective.

It so happens that reservation of thoughts is not a good thing. I am talking about a concept called “RESERVED THINKING”.

An inflexible and rigid thinking process which matched the way of living centuries back but not good for the current society.  Till the time our thoughts stay with us, no one knows what we are thinking, who are we judging and hence no one is getting hurt or impacted. But, as soon as the thoughts become words or action, that is where a particular attention has to be thrown in.

Thinking process should always be in fluid state, ready to mould, change and adapt according to the surroundings and environment. This helps new neural connections to be made in the brain and new connections imply that you are able to connect the dots to a greater extent. Here I would go to the extent of saying that thinking process should be ANTIFRAGILE – something benefiting from chaos. In this chaotic, globalised world where everything seems to be connected and reachable, that is the thinking process which a society would need.

When the thought process becomes rigid, inflexible and reserved, then there won’t be an evolution in thinking and without evolution in the thinking process, there would be no learning involved and a society where people are ignorant to learn is already obsolete.

Globalisation is trying to bring all the worlds closer but somewhere the dots are not getting connected as every nation still carries a pre conceived notion about other nations. No matter how close we get, if the boundary wall is not broken, there won’t be a seamless communication and prosperous society. The boundary wall can only be broken from both sides. If one side tries to break it, and other side is trying to hold it tight, then what’s the point right?

We should all be targeting the fundamental thinking to any of the problems.

If the thinking is fluid, the person can be taught, societies can learn, and nations will thrive. 

But nothing is easy, and a change like this will take generations!

Lets bring in some game theory here for an example. Lets say there are two friends, P1 and P2 from two different nations. Both are extremely hungry and there is one cupcake available. Thats it!

If P1 just grabs the cake first and has the whole piece, the relationship between P1 and P2 is compromised. But P1 would have filled his hunger. What happened here is that P1 chose short term gain over long term gain.

Had P1 just thought once what is the impact of his action, he might have reconsidered and P1 would have cut the cake in half and shared. P1 and P2’s connection strength increased, words spread and a pre conceived notion is established in nation 2 regarding nation 1.

RESERVATION is good but don’t bring that down to your thoughts! If your thinking gets reserved to a certain time frame and the world goes far ahead, you won’t be able to learn or adapt to the ever changing world and hence will never reach your full potential!

Thrive to be an infinite learner!