Conversation – a different perspective


This is an innate skill without which it will be hard for us to thrive on this planet. CONVERSATION – No matter with whom. It can be with ourselves, our managers, teachers, friends, pets, family, and even strangers. It is these conversations that shape our day.

The major task for us is to shape our day the way we want it to be. We are constantly in conversation mode. But it is the role which we take in each conversation that matters the most.

You can be one of the following – OBSERVER, LISTENER, SPEAKER. And the role which we take during the course of the day defines your day and its achievements.



As we are asleep we are in constant prolonged conversation with our subconsious known to the planet as DREAM. This type of conversation cannot be controlled and but the very presence of it and just by acknowledging it makes you wonder about our brain!

The as soon as we get up, we start a conversation with ourselves, what do I need to do today? Which task has a greater priority? Whats going to be my breakfast? Shoild I just skip today’s gym? All questions, but coming up with various possible answers at the same time. This is the conversation which gives pace to your daily routine and morning habits. Based on which answer you choose from the plethora of answers given by your mind, it marks your way of living.

As the day goes by, we will always be influenced or distracted by our mind striking a conversation constantly. At some point we loose track and are lost in our thoughts. This particular situation when you yourself can’t control the answers given by your mind, constantly LISTENING to your mind and making judgements, is calling RACING THOUGHTS. This is where the famous practice of MEDITATION comes into play. What MEDITATION does is that it converts you from being a LISTENER to an OBSERVER. The difference being, LISTENER involves his mind while in conversation and OBSERVER takes the balcony seat in the theatre play going on with his popcorn not caring at all but at the same time respectfully listening, hence no involvement of the mind.

See, lets take an analogy here defining the purpose of meditation. A young child is very inquisitive and full of energy. We try to keep the child in closed environment and restrict what he can and cannot do. But every day you have to give the child a room for few hours just letting him/her do whatever he/she wants to fulfil his/her thirst for answers. Same goes for pets. You have to take your dog for a walk and just follow the dog as it gradually feeds its thirst for answers. If we are so aware of the problem and we are finding solutions for everyone around us then why are we ignoring our mind itself? It also needs to find a way to feed its inquisitiveness. This is the phase where your role in the conversation is of a OBSERVER. All you do is observe your mind talking without making any judgements. As soon as you start making judgements, then your thoughts will start being controlled. JUST LET IT GO AND FLOW WITH THE WIND.

Finally the SPEAKER. Its very important bring in this role as this is the role which cuts through the diplomacies and allows you to come to a concrete decision. Without speaking your mind, people around you will never know what you think and your opinion on matters being discussed. Also, without active involvement or being the SPEAKER, you tend to loose interest and the conversation mode shifts from you having conversation with your team to you having conversation with yourself.

At the end of the day, you are defined based on what role you chose during the day.